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Tina & Kunal

We love Monsoon Catering! Kunal and I were impressed by the creative menu options from the moment we did our tasting in San Diego! Rakesh and his team are incredible! They are professional, friendly and their service is exceptional. We had them cater our wedding reception on at Loews Coronado Bay. The food was phenomenal, the presentation was elegant and taste was amazing! Kunal and I and our friends and family loved it!


Our friends & family still remember the creative and unique dishes that were served and often say it was the best Indian food they have had at a wedding 🙂 We loved that it was tasty and had an element of fusion as well.

Thank you Rakesh and team for making our wedding reception so memorable! We wish you all the success in the future! Thank you Rakesh for doing such a great job!


Reina & Kavi

Rakesh was AMAZINGGG! We had all our food catered from him for 4 of our wedding events (including Mexican food at a pool party), and EVERYONE is still talking about the food at the wedding! From his different food stations at the Sangeet night, to 7 different items at the pool party, to cocktail hour with a bunch of items including chili mogo and pani puri shots, and a full North Indian spread at the reception, every single item was amazing. We so badly want to throw another party just so we’re not busy with wedding stuff and can try all the food that everyone is raving about!

Thank you Rakesh for doing such a great job!

Mother of the Bride (V. Shah)

Rakesh and team are just absolute professionals. We had our daughter’s wedding over 3 days at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego. We had full traditional Indian wedding and Rakesh catered every meal. The variety and flavors of the food was absolutely amazing (not us saying this, this is what we have been hearing from all the guests).

Rakesh is a gem of a guy. He is full of great ideas and he knows the hotel staff so well, and they all loved to work very closely with him. If you are looking for lowest cost basic average quality Indian wedding food, he may not be your choice. But if you are looking for a classy, professional guy who really cares about the quality, display and overall superb service, you cannot find a better Indian caterer in Southern California.

Minal & Jay

Minal & Jay​

We had both our wedding and reception at Bombay. Rakesh and his group went above and beyond to make this special day perfect for us and our guests. The planning was hassle free and Rakesh delivered exactly what we wanted. We appreciated the warmth and flexibility that the staff provided to us and all of our guests.

The food and decor were spectacular and our guests continue to tell us what a good time they had. We could not have asked for a perfect location for our wedding. It is an ideal one-stop-shop for great ambiance, and top notch food and service. We highly recommend Bombay for any event.

Gemini & Pritesh

Gemini & Pritesh​

THANK YOU SO MUCH for catering our reception food. The quality of your food, your decorations, and presentation knocked it out of the park. I’ve gotten so many compliments about the food and I’m so glad people loved it because that’s one of the main components of a wedding. Pritesh and myself can’t wait to come back and have dinner at Bombay in San Diego.

Thank you and your staff for making our wedding extra special. You’ve created an experience that everyone will talk about and remember forever!

…Gemini & Pritesh

Seema & Corbin

Seema & Corbin​

The planning and execution of your dream wedding can be very stressful. One of the best decisions we made was to use the Monsoon Group to cater both our Mehndi/Sangeet and wedding reception. Rakesh and his team prepared outstanding food that was a hit amongst our diverse group of guests. For our Mehndi/Sangeet they made Italian-Indian fusion dishes that everyone still talks about today. They were very professional with both setup and service, so there were no surprises and we were able to focus our attentions on our guests.

The presentation of the wedding reception was spectacular. Their attention to detail with both food and decor made our reception amazing. We had a variety of Indian dishes that were unique and delicious. The aloo tikki sliders and chocolate samosas were just a couple of the standouts. Rakesh made us feel as if we were family and went above and beyond what we expected!

We would recommend Rakesh and The Monsoon Group without hesitation. You will not be disappointed!

​Love Seema & Corbin​

Raj & Arti

Raj & Arti

One of the things we knew we wanted to be special at our wedding was the food. We’d both been to many Indian weddings that had, more or less the same food over and over. Our hotel told us about Monsoon, and we arranged a tasting. Right from the start Rakesh and his team at Monsoon made us feel special, and also their food was fantastic!.

They not only had some of the tastiest food we’d tried (every dish was a winner), but their presentation and ideas of mixing traditional Indian flavors in new combinations and unique platings had us hooked. Monsoon didn’t stop there, in addition to working with us and the 501 questions we had which they must have heard hundreds of times, they even provided a beautifully elegant presentation as well.

We knew we loved everything the team at Monsoon did and provided, but we knew it was really great when we started hearing from our guests that the food was really a big highlight of the night!

Raj & Arti


Kajal & Chris

Rakesh and the Monsoon group surpassed all of our expectations!

In our opinion, there are a few key things that help one’s special occasion stand out from the rest, food definitely being at the top of that list. Which is why after meeting with Rakesh during our food tasting we knew we had to have him cater our engagement party. We received 5 star service from beginning to end.

Rakesh organized a beautiful food tasting for myself and 7 other family members, allowing us to try all of his top rated dishes while pairing everything with his signature drinks. This experience gave us insight into the amount of attention he would later pay to our guests as well as the quality of food our guests would be getting to enjoy.

Come event day, we were completely blown away. The setup, included lots of colorful fabrics, traditional Indian deity statues, a chai station and a beautiful presentation overall. The caterers were dressed in traditional Indian wear (turbans and all) and the food was specular, a blend of traditional Indian cuisine with a modern Western twist- so yum!

To this day, our family and friends talk about how tasty the food was. Our parents specifically said, outside of the home, it was the best Indian food they have ever had. And that means a lot coming from Indian parents!

We will be using Rakesh for our wedding and if possible, every event we have in the future!

“Truth is higher, higher still is truthful living” ~ Guru Nanak

Kajal & Chris

Reana & Ruben

Reana & Ruben

“My husband and I recently had our wedding reception at Bombay and the entire event was exceptional. Rakesh and his team worked tirelessly to ensure every detail was absolutely perfect. Rakesh is very creative and has exquisite taste; the reception was fit for a Bollywood king and queen! The food at Bombay is uniquely delicious, a great fusion of authentic Indian cuisine prepared in a modern fashion for guests from all cultures to enjoy. The staff is friendly, helpful, and actively participate in making the event unforgettable. I highly recommend Bombay to any bride looking for the perfect venue because of the exotic ambience, excellent food, diverse entertainment, great location and parking, and exceptional value for all that’s included. Your guests will be so amazed, you will get incredible photographs, and your event will be all that everyone’s talking about for years to come!”


Reana & Ruben Maldonado Shah

Meha & Sutinder

Meha & Sutinder

We were extremely happy with our experience working with the Monsoon Group to cater our wedding reception. While we initially felt that they were on the expensive side, we realized quickly that other caterers did not compare in terms of value, professionalism, and quality. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, and Rakesh did his best to work with us every step of the way.

We knew that we could rest easy and attend to a million other details knowing that they were handling the catering

When our ceremony was delayed and guests became restless, Rakesh quickly prepared and started sending out hors d’oeuvres to the crowd. Months later, our guests are still raving about how tasty, unique, and nicely-presented the food was. We cannot recommend Monsoon catering highly enough!

Thank you!

Arti & Anand

Arti & Anand

Rakesh and the whole Monsoon team,

Thank you sooo much for catering at our wedding and reception! As you know, your restaurant has been one of my favorites since I was young, and to actually have you guys come out to orange county and cater for my wedding was just amazing. It has been over a week and I keep getting calls/ messages/ emails asking me where we catered from because everyone LOVED the food and of course your outstanding presentation. Your food is has a different touch then the typical punjabi style catering.

Thank you Rakesh for being such a nice person and for really putting in your extra effort for making everything so perfect. Anand stole the chocolate samosa from my plate so I didn’t get to try that, but the lychee mousse was delicious! I keep telling Anand that I wish I could go back and be a guest at my own wedding/reception so I could enjoy the food. Anand and I didn’t get to eat everything, so we will have to come to Bombay for some dinner and drinks. Thank you Rakesh for everything, and we will be seeing you soon!

Arti & Anand

Krina & Shawn

Rakesh and the entire Monsoon Group,
I still can’t believe we hired a catering company from Southern California to cater our wedding weekend festivities in Portland, OREGON! Your entire team was absolutely phenomenal and the food that you prepared and served was incredible! From the beginning, you were graciously accommodating to our customized food preferences and open to having my cousin and her husband do the menu taste testing when we weren’t able to travel to San Diego to do it ourselves. We completely trusted their palate and they obviously didn’t fail us in recommending you and your team for what was one of the most important components in our wedding planning!
Our guests were impressed! The food was delicious and beautifully presented. It tasted exactly how it looked – absolutely divine. I received so many compliments throughout the wedding weekend and to this day I continue to get comments on how amazing every meal was during our wedding weekend.
I sincerely appreciated how generous you were in also offering to serve the food prepared by the Mandir alongside your dishes during our welcome dinner the night before the wedding. You took the liberty to add your own elegant touches to the meals prepared by the Mandir so that there would be uniformity in the beautiful serving presentation. Your professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed. The hotel and the wedding venue staff all relayed to me how impressed they were with you and your team. Your team’s execution was flawless.
My father’s one request for the wedding was that we serve really good food that all our guests would enjoy. With the help of you and your team and your attention to the guest experience, we were able to do just that!
Thank you so much for going above and beyond in creating an absolute affair to remember! We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary of our March Monsoon Wedding – We can’t thank you enough for being such a big part of our lifetime celebration!

Much Love & Gratitude

Krina & Shawn Carmen